Lauren Griffiths BA (hons.) is an artisan jeweller maker and curator living and trading on the Isle of Wight.
Trained as a fine art jewellery maker, Lauren achieved a BA Honours Silver & Gold-smithing degree in 2010, and founded Little Joy Jewellery in 2011. 
Naturally seeking harmony and quality through her craftsmanship, Lauren applies traditional methods manipulating raw materials to produce modern, contemporary jewellery design. 
In her aspiration toward the creation of sensitive, subtle, and minimal pieces, Lauren crafts a delicate and unique aesthetic that is evident throughout her whole range of jewellery and bespoke designs. 
As well as offering a comprehensive range of unique Little Joy Jewellery pieces, Lauren offers a bespoke commission service and carefully creates beautiful, modern jewellery design suitable for any occasion. 
Lauren is a Fairtrade-Certified Jeweller, and strongly believes in the responsible sourcing of raw materials for her craft.

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