9 June 2018

Firstly I would like to apologise for my absence ! Hopefully, this blog post will explain why I have been quiet! Truth is I have been channelling all my energy into Fresh designs & an ongoing dream to build the perfect website to tell my story.
I met a wonderful lady who photographed my two little boys on a nature walk a few months ago . Timi Eross (photographer) a Hungarian Woman now living on the Isle Of Wight , UK,  explained her background in marketing and working with businesses to build personal and professional web presence. I approached Timi after the family shoot, to take a look at my website, and perhaps offer any solutions to telling my story effectively. I feel the minimal store however aesthetically fits a purpose doesn't explain my full services & ethical ethos. 
After a truly inspirational meeting , I decided Timi was the right person in heping me reach my dream and pushing my business to the next step.

 In  2011, I founded Little Joy Jewellery , here on the Isle Of Wight , where I came to set up home with my partner, after years of a long distance relationship whilst studying in Birmingham , Jewellery Quarter, UK and my partner travelling with his musical career.
Since 2011, we welcomed 2 little boys to the world and continued to work on or creative passions . Each step of building a business has been scary but exhilarating. Not only developing my practice as a maker , but learning how to become a business woman . Its a continual learning curve to this day! However realising my strengths has been a factor , until now I hadn't sat down and reflected upon. This website will not only freshen up my image as a business and reach a wider audience but help envisage my story . The journey i have taken to get here , and finally feeling brave enough to fully share and understand myself & my businesses potential and path.

 Here's a few Fresh shots of some current pieces I have been working on, Photos, courtesy of Timi Eross . She has worked hard to connect with my current aesthetics & visuals from the wonderful Tanya Goodwin (photographer) as this element of my current portfolio I was very happy with .
The launch of my new site shall be live toward beginning of July & I also have some very exciting news that's taking place this month which I shall save for the next blog post!!

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