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18 February 2018

 Aesthetically my work concentrates on a minimal approach . I develop my work with much consideration . There maybe simple lines and shapes within its context , however to bring it all together in relation to the body with designs that work harmoniously is a challenging task.
 Flow and delicacy along with longevity is my concern and with dedication to my craft each piece is handmade from scratch.

The Minimal's Collection is a on going growing family. The 'Golden Path' singular earring was the first of the group made to be worn in a multitude of ways its elegant and simple line at the exactly right length to fit the body. This has developed into the recent Reed design with a contrasted round gauge earring so its softer than the abstract squared edging of the path earring and also displays a luxurious sparkling quality as tn diamonds are set flush either end , and have become really popular recently with our wholesalers !! 

The Dawn earring have made a great come back now available in Rose Gold, which has become extremely popular in the fashion sector !! @londonblogger_ featured these earrings in her must wear .

'AURORA' our **BEST SELLER this season and still going strong ! I am really pleased with the feedback on this design , and happy to announce a larger hoop shall be available as part of the SS// collection alongside a very small version that can be worn as a cuff for the top of the ear !

I am mindful within my designs , i not only want to make jewellery that's sits within your favourite pieces in your jewellery collection i also want to design pieces that remain there for the lasting future . Theres something to be said about 'keeping it simple' . Sustainable fashion with timeless focus means little joy is a good mindful investment all round !!

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