Winter Wilderness Collective

16 January 2018

 The winter wilderness brings a wealth of inspiration to my bench . The Isle Of Wight landscape is a picturesque Island that i live upon, with my partner & two beautiful boys . Not a day goes by that I take for granted my surroundings. I always dreamed of living by the sea.
 I trained as a Fine Jeweller, in the City of Birmingham, UK. The prestigious, School Of Jewellery, exceeded all expectations & provided me with a wealth of knowledge and basis for my career path. However the surroundings of the city never took hold, I still day dreamed of the Island I would plan to move to .
This photo shoot was captured on a beautiful walk around my favourite places on the Isle , from St Helens duver, through to Seaview nature reserve, with the wonderful Tanya Goodwin (stylist & photographer). Combining my visual resources, from beginning the the end of the design process, in a complete cycle , we captured the subtle glow of the winter daylight, with the precious fine jewellery, to create harmonious compositions. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!
This year I shall be documenting my inspirations and developments within this blog to capture my space in time, and give you an insight into the life as a jeweller, on this beautiful Isle, where your jewellery is designed and produced.

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